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Welcome to the world of Kate Cocks ...  a rather special place to send your child. It is a community based centre with great staff where your children are placed at the very centre of everything we do. Tucked away in the beachside suburbs of Southern Adelaide, Kate Cocks Childcare Centre is a local landmark for residents in the area. Away from main roads and close to the beach, it is a safe and quiet haven with plenty of fresh sea air and sunlight ...
  The centre has a fascinating history that makes for great storytelling. It is a tale of determination, passion and caring that dates back almost a century and features some inspiring charachters. One of those charachters was Kate Cocks - a diminutive figure born in 1875 who was proficient in martial arts and the first female police officer in the British Empire. Her work with women and children is where our story begins and she lends her name to the centre today. It really is a story worth a read ...   "... brings a sense of warmth, caring and family into the centre, so that when you bring your child there, you know that it’s not just a baby-sitting service, but a place that your child will grow, learn and be nurtured ..."

"... tried many places, but Kate Cocks just 'felt' right. There was just something about the calm competence of the staff and how happy the kids looked ..."

"... and yet nothing captures the experience of Kate Cocks like walking in the door does ..."
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